Accumulated audio might have a significant influence on our well-being.

The World Health Organization estimates that one out of three people in Europe is harmed by some sort of noise pollution- from traffic noise to rock concerts.

Excessive noise levels may lead to tension related conditions and has not only health implications, but also affects the individual’s work performance, or school performance in children.

Asound is a mobile app that allows you to raise your personal awareness to noise pollution and maintain a healthier lifestyle. In the future We’ll able to provide you with a personal record of your accumulated noise exposure.

About Us

We are a passionate team looking into audio and its influence, with over a decade of experience in audio based applications and the impact audio has on people.

We are hoping that the Asound will help raise awareness to the different sound levels around us and accumulate knowledge for the larger benefit.

We also provide corporate solutions. If you are looking into that option you can contact us through the contact page.